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Where I place the fics

18 March
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It seems that I write Sherlock BBC fan fiction, or more accurately, Sherlock BBC has been the only series that has driven me to writing fan fiction. I compare it to crack. I love reading it as well. And how...

Currently working on stories for NewSub!John Headspace over at AO3 or you can find them here on my mugen master list. Please be aware that my stories are not at all based in reality, most likely dangerous, hopefully entertaining, and definitely not for everyone :-)

I've been spending a lot of time on Tumblr as of late. You can find me over there @ mugenmine

I'm definitely over 21, currently reside in the US, and when not writing, I dance, write tech specs, walk, read, and wrangle developers. This blog is mainly full of writing rambling. I write every night and then vent about it here. Lots of venting.

Thank you for taking the time to read my scribblings. If you didn't, it would just be like me mumbling words into the void.

Please feel free to friend me or say hello, I'm always up for meeting new folks who are into Sherlock or writing :-)

I would be happy and flattered if anyone wanted to create podfic, art, translations, etc. of any of my stories. I would only ask to be sent a link . :-) Thank you!